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Holding Fast's goal is to provide commercial-free viewing across all the material, to include the Friday Night Bible Study.


To view the live event, click the play button. If you don't see a play button, hit your browser's reload button (i.e., reload the page).  Click the bottom right [ ] symbol to make the video full screen.

We usually start around 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.  If there is no video by 7:45 p.m., it is safe to assume the event has been cancelled (due to illness or the like).  Joining late?  No problem!  The site supports rewinding up to 30 minutes.

Troubleshooting Tips

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer work the best, while Safari has the most problems.

Q1: I see an image, but it's not moving.

A1: Click the "play" button, at the bottom left of the image (in Safari); or, reload the page. 

Q2: A popup asks if I want to "allow DaCast notifications". What should I do?

A2: Click "Don't Allow".  I don't know why it asks for this.  If you "allow" it, this request keeps re-appearing.

Q3: The screen has an error message, "An unanticipated error was encountered".

A3: Reload the page - the video had problems starting.  If the error occurred near the end of the Bible Study, then the video got cut short ... and the event is over.

Q4: The screen has an error message, "Sorry, this media is offline".

A4: That means the Bible Study video stream hasn't started yet, or has already ended.  Try again in a few minutes; if no video appears by 7:45 pm ET, then it's cancelled for that evening.

Q5: I missed a study, how do I watch prior Bible Studies?

A5: Navigate to the Study Series (or Topic) covered, and you'll find it there within 24 hours.  We endeaver to post the study as soon as possible, but give priority to in-person Bible activities.

Q6: The audio is out-of-sync with the video.

A6: That means the broadcasting computer (on our end) is too heavily taxed.  Send Vince a text during the study, and let him know.  (My cell phone is with the person running the computer setup, so it won't interrupt the study.)