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The confession of a Christian's faith is credibly supported by two means -- a good conscience and a good conversation.

(Video -- 46 mins; plus Study - 3 pgs; May 2019)
Comfort for those who see evil coming to them, with reminders of the Lord's watchful care. We consider two examples - Jeremiah and Paul.

(Video -- 56 mins; plus Study - 3 pgs; May 2019)
The Christian is encouraged to a disposition that is most peaceable to all men, and in particular, is of one mind among the brethren.

(Video - 54 mins; plus Study - 3 pgs; May 2019)
God sees fit to keep it real simple for the men, as they need to focus on two key activities: a lifetime of study of, and appropriating honor to, their wives.

(Video -- 59 mins; plus Study - 3 pgs, Apr 2019)
Unilever, L'Oreal, Chanel, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Chloe ... the list goes on. These all wash off, fall apart, change annually. Isn't there something longer lasting?

(Video -- 53 mins; plus Study - 4 pgs; Apr 2019)
Some of the toughest missionary undertakings can be in home missions, and it is often committed to the dear ladies in our midst: wives with unsaved husbands.

(Video - 58 mins; plus Study - 2 pgs; Apr 2019)
The stripes laid on Jesus heal us, not anything else. What exactly are stripes, and to what extent does healing occur?

(Video - 53 mins; plus Study - 3 pgs; Mar 2019)
Some use an acrostic to explain grace: God's Riches At Christ's Expense. Peter seems to have a different one: Grief-Rendering Attacks Conscientiously Endured.

(Video - 53 mins; plus Study - 3 pgs; Mar 2019)
We provide numerous examples of what it means to honor someone, and more fully describe what it means to fear God.

(Video -- 62 mins plus Study - 3 pgs; Mar 2019)
Christians excel in well-doing (slightly different than good works) because they are free. We discuss this freedom of every true believer in Jesus.

(Video - 47 mins; plus Study - 4 pgs; Feb 2019)