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Hall of Shame

Critical reviews of several popular teachers claiming to be conservative.

(Commentary with links; Nov. 2020)


Piper's foreword to a new book by Tom Schreiner can be found here, where we read this statement:

As Tom Schreiner says, the book 'tackles one of the fundamental questions of our human condition: how can a person be right with God?' The stunning Christian answer is: sola fide - faith alone. But be sure you hear this carefully and precisely: He says right with God by faith alone, not attain heaven by faith alone. There are other conditions for attaining heaven ...

In a recent Trinity Review, "John Piper on Final Justification by Works", authors Timothy F. Kauffman and Tim Shaughnessy address Piper's recent statement on justification, and analyze his comments throughout his various works over the last 20 - 30 years.

Author Enoch Burke wrote a 165-page book on "The Hedonism and Homosexuality of John Piper and Sam Allberry".  The Castlebar, Ireland author has a Bachelors of Theological Studies, BA in History and Politics, and a Masters in Education.  Mr. Burke exposes Piper's preaching of mysticism which "rejects the clarity and sufficiency of Scripture [where] no longer does the Christian have enough in the Bible to teach him how God would have him to live: instead he needs a copy of  Desiring God."  Sam Allberry, promoted heavily by Piper and others in the Gospel Coalition, is a same-sex attracted Anglican who turns grace into lasciviousness. (Apparently, the term "gay" is bad, but "same-sex attracted" is OK.)  How much evidence does one need to reject Piper?


Sproul (1939 - 2017) has held heretical ideas concerning saving faith, as revealed by the Trinity Foundation.

Concerning creation, Sproul had a confusing trumpet sound.  He was never solidly six-day creation and young earth.  From a Ligonier Ministries' page addressing his stance, Sproul admits that for most of my teaching career, I considered the framework hypothesis to be a possibility.  That statement was posted to his site in 2011.  He allegedly changed his view back in May 2008, but by August 2012, he distanced himself from a young earth position, leaving the hedge broken for a theistic evolutionary viewpoint.  He still didn't get it, nor did for most of his career starting in 1965; i.e. for 43 years up to 2008.  His heretical views on creation are baked into his popular Reformation Study Bible (RSB), where a review of his Bible states the [RSB is] consequently more inclined to allow for alternative understandings of the days of creation.


John is, by his own admission, a dispensationalist and thus wrongly divides scripture.  He confuses justification, regeneration, and sanctification, mixing works with faith in the wrong context, and from misapplied verses.  He subtly slips in a works-righteousness before God's throne, as noted here. Dr. Elliott (TeachingTheWord ministries) has an excellent assessment of MacArthur's doctrinal confusions. Starting at the section titled "A Warning: John MacArthur's Doctrinal Confusion", Dr. Elliott points out four of MacArthur's most significant errors:

  1. Lordship Salvation (a form of works salvation),
  2. John's denial that Jesus is the Son of God from all eternity, 
  3. John's repeated statements denying the saving efficacy of Jesus' blood, and
  4. his broad ecumenical partnership with numerous ungodly religious leaders.

Trinity Review's assessment of John's book, The Gospel According To Jesus, does a comprehensive job showing how John mixes works with salvation.  Remember, this is John's peer-reviewed, carefully written book to explain salvation - and he blows it.

John promotes music showing no difference between the holy and the profane.  Jesus through the Apostle John said Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever (1Jn 2:15-17). Likewise, if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle? (1Cor 14:8).

For instance, consider these musical selections promoted by MacArthur's The Master's University:

  • "Lord of All", 2009.  The opening lead tracks show no shame for using hard rock.
  • Chapel Band's "Foundation" album, 2014.  Tracks 1, 2 and 4 just take it.
  • Getty Conference, 2018.  Still doing contemporary music that claims to be from Psalm 67, but the lyrics aren't even close.

2020's "Getty Worship Music Conference" has a host of errors, with MacArthur sharing the stage with John Piper, Trip Lee, Travis Cottrell (another rock artist), etc.  Can two walk together, except they be agreed? (Amos 3:3).  Ecumenism remains a stumbling block to John's ministry.

Concerning remarriage, MacArthur wrote remarriage is permitted for the faithful partner only when the divorce was on biblical grounds. In fact, the purpose for a biblical divorce is to make clear that the faithful partner is free to remarry, but only in the Lord.  In Matthew 19:9b, the Lord Jesus said whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.  In 1Corinthians 7:39, the Apostle Paul wrote the wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth.  No exceptions for divorcees were made.  For further information, see our paper on this entire topic of divorce and remarriage.


Find below an audio clip from FaceBook where James White declares he is an errantist when it comes to scripture; however, citation for the original source cannot be found.

In my experience, this is not unusual for wolves to cover their tracks especially in this area, for they know those words alarm the sheep.

However, in practice, it is clearly obvious that Dr. White is an errantist, because the errantist must pick and choose which parts of Scripture are inspired and should be treated as divine, truthful and perfect, and which is not.  His unflagging support for the Critical Text, the counterfeit text behind nearly all modern translations, is my Exhibit A in the courtroom of inerrancy!  The critical text is in at least its 28th edition, meaning over 28 revisions of puts-n-takes as to what actually are the Words of God. 

The Textus-Receptus site notes the following: James White is strongly opposed to the infallibility of the Greek Textus Receptus and the Hebrew Masoretic Text and rejects the King James Version as a corrupted translation. White casts doubt upon 237 verses of scripture. White does not believe any bible or any text in any language is at present the complete, inerrant, and 100% true Holy Bible, but believes that through searching for more manuscripts, people are getting closer to that goal.

Anyone who rejects Jesus' Words is to be rejected. Period. 

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