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Salvation is God's free gift of grace; seems simple to understand. Yet when the reward of grace appears, there are shocking results, as some salaried farm-hands are about to learn.

(Video -- 69 mins; plus Study - 2 pages; 2018)
Now that we're saved, how do we live? This study looks at this using a lawyer's question to answer who our neighbor is.

(Video -- 61 mins; plus Study - 2 pages; 2018)
The classic Christian illustration of God's salvation from a human perspective. We don't overtly sense Jesus fetching our souls from a lost estate, but we experience it in a very real and moving way.

(Audio -- 63 mins; plus Study - 3 pages; 2018)
A dozen lessons from the simplest of parables, about a lost sheep and coin. This study was done at a park next to a river near Thurmont, MD.

(Audio -- 45 mins; plus Study - 2 pages; 2018)
This parable is a primer on all parables, which are not designed to help everyone understand God's program of salvation. Salvation is on purpose, and God's work produces only 1 out of 4 results in every human heart.

(Video* -- 62 mins; plus Study - 2 pgs; 2018)
* Video goofs up at 19 mins, but recovers after 50 seconds.