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Let's face it - figuring out end times from the Bible isn't easy. Which parts have already been accomplished, and what's yet to come? Do we take it literally or metaphorically? What about the end time parables?

(Audio - 38 mins; plus Study - 2 pgs; 2014)
In Luke 21, we look at temple and stone, to see if they're literal or metaphors. We look at the questions asked of Jesus, and determine which Jerusalem is in view.

(Audio - 45 mins; plus Study - 3 pgs; 2009)
We address two difficulties in Luke 21 driven by whether we understand this literally or spiritually. All avenues are considered, such that the warning given is relevant.

(Audio - 40 mins; plus Study - 3 pgs; 2009)
Jesus finishes His answer to the disciples questions with a final warning. It turns out to remain highly relevant to us today.

(Audio - 40 mins; plus Study - 3 pgs; 2011)
Scriptures: Romans 9:1-33
Luke 21:24 mentions "the times of the Gentiles", which are more fully addressed in Romans 11. But a clear foundation is laid first in Romans 9, which is often overlooked.

(Audio - 38 mins; plus Study - 2 pgs; 2014)
Scriptures: Romans 10:1-21
Coming out of Romans 9, it seems God is totally done with Israel - or is He? Romans 10 provides insight into a huge paradox the Apostle Paul uncovers as he wrestles with God's plan for National Israel.

(Audio - 42 mins; plus Study - 2 pgs; 2014)
Scriptures: Romans 11:1-36
This study refutes the idea that Romans 11:26 teaches all of National Israel (and some would include every Jew around the world) will one day be saved. Romans 9 and 10 set the stage for Romans 11:26, and clearly show that the Israel to be saved is the spiritual Israel of born-again believers, consisting of both Jew and Gentiles.

(Audio - 42 mins; plus Study - 4 pgs; 2014)