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Most of our tracts were written to either fill a gap for subjects we don't find suitably addressed, or are for sensitive topics (and thus will be locked for members only).

They are designed to be downloaded and printed, using 8.5" x 11" paper, and usually printed double-sided, typically duplexing on the short edge.  This is a common way to submit to print shops to get quality and quantity tracts.  If you submit one of our PDF tracts to an online print shop, be sure to select the "brochures" option. That comes with the ability to fold the tract.

Suggested Online Print Shops - Black/White

Best Value Copy - Competitive pricing for printing black/white tracts on colored paper

FedEx Printing - They bought Kinkos a long time ago, and they still have shops local to me for quick, easy pickup.  Printing colored text and images, though, will hurt your wallet.

Suggested Online Print Shops - Color

48 Hour Print - They run great specials at various times.  Good for tracts with colored text and pictures.

Next Day Flyers - Another reliable color print shop, who also run great special deals.  Good for tracts with colored text.


Tract Selections

What is the Gospel?

The One Triune God

Four Hard Questions

True Witnesses of Jehovah

Free Will or Election

How Do I Know I'm Saved?